Computer Tips for Busy People book cover

Start Working Less Today with These Simple Computer Tips Just for Non-Techies!


You can start working less today with some simple computer shortcuts for getting more done in less time.

Wouldn’t it make your life easier if there was an inexpensive book just for non-techies that only contained the computer tips you need to know to finish work early and not a lot of other tips that you’ll never use?


Here you go!


Technology consultant and former stand-up comedian, Joe Rejeski, has assembled the simple, powerful computer tips you need to finish work early.

However, no geeks allowed!


These easy-to-remember tips are for non-techies who are not looking to become computer experts, but want their lunch break to be longer than a coffee break and are ready to finish the work day ahead of schedule.

Are you going to continue working long hours or learn a few simple computer tips for busy people?

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